• Crystallization: An Eternal Shelf-Life

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    You know how sometimes you get our delicious raw, local honey home and in to your house, and then the bottoms begin to look hard and crystal-like?  The process of crystallization is a natural process, and despite your feelings towards the non-pourable crystallized deliciousness, it is a good thing!


    Our raw, un-pasturized and un-filtered honey comes straight out of the hive.  In short, you get enzymes, probiotics, allergy fighting pollens, and yes, crystallization, all in one bundle.  Bees keep their hives buzzing at about a 100 degree temperature, so when the honey comes out, it naturally gets slower.


    Why doesn’t all honey crystallize, you ask?  It’s simple.  Other honey companies dilute honey with water and sugar to make it presentable on the shelf and to keep it from crystallizing.  Because let’s be honest, are you more likely to buy the My Local Honey jar from your local grocery store that has some crystallization happening?  Or the pure runny golden one that just arrived?


    So here’s the deal.  You can de-crystallize your honey at home!


    Step 1: DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVER FOR ANY REASON  put My Local Honey in your microwave.  Nope. (Caps lock quote inspired by Michael Scott).

    Step 2: Turn your oven on to 100-115 degrees (varying temperatures are okay, too!) Take the white lid off of your GLASS honey jar, and place the jar safely in the oven.  You can leave the oven on over night, but if that makes you uncomfortable, turn the oven off and leave the honey in until it returns to its golden runny state.

    Alternative Step 2: If you have purchased the My Local Squeeze Honey (the green one), boil some hot water on the stove (not too hot! We want to save, savor, and love on those healthy natural parts that come in raw honey), and place your plastic squeeze bottle in the hot water.  Turn stove off and leave the squeeze until crystallization disappears before your very eyes.

    Step 3: Honey has an eternal shelf-life.  It never goes bad.  So crystallize and de-crystallize as many times as you want!!

    Step 4: Use My Local Honey for all-things-wonderful.


    Always remember to bee yourself.

    And write if you have questions.



    The Honey Girl

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