Honey Benefits

Isn’t all honey the same?  Not exactly…especially when it comes to raw honey.  This is because unlike processed honey that has been cooked, ultra-filtered and contains ingredients not natural to the process of making honey, raw honey is straight from the hive.  Therefore, raw honey retains its natural properties, health benefits and of course, its amazing flavor!  We believe you should experience the unique benefits and unmatched taste of raw local honey found right here in Oregon and Washington, and for that reason we guarantee that’s what you’ll find in every jar of My Local Honey.

Processed vs. Raw Honey

When you’re staring at honey in the grocery aisle there are 3 key differences you should be aware of when comparing raw honey to processed honey.

Processed honey is usually heated…and it gets HOT!  So hot, in fact, that the heating process cooks out the enzymes critical to retaining the natural benefits of raw honey.  Cooked honey looks clean, clear and pretty on the outside, but it’s empty on the inside…kind of like an oyster with no pearl.  At My Local Honey we gently warm our raw honey only back to its natural hive temperature during filling so that all the good stuff stays in.

Processed honey typically undergoes ultra-filtration to remove imperfections and again, make it look pretty.  And we’re not talking a little cheesecloth filter from your grandma’s kitchen, we’re talking industrial grade ceramic filters that change the properties of the honey.  These filters reduce the size of honey crystals, stretch the product and eliminate one of the most important aspects of raw honey: the pollen!  We keep asking ourselves why the focus is on making honey look flawless, when the product is already near perfection.  At My Local Honey we believe true beauty is on the inside.  So if you find the remnants of one of those hard working honeybees in your jar, you’ll know the pollen isn’t far behind and it’s truly raw.

Processed honey can be watered-down by as much as 20% and still be labeled “honey” under current standards.  Are you kidding me?  At My Local Honey the only thing in our jars is raw honey made by bees in Oregon and Washington.

Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey has been around for a long time…a very long time.  In fact records dating back more than 4,000 years detail the use of raw honey for its nutritional and medicinal purposes.  By consuming raw honey you too can reap the benefits.

Prefer a natural sweetener?  Substitute My Local Honey for sugar in your coffee, tea, baking recipes and use as a topping.

Seasonal allergies?  Have a tablespoon of My Local Honey 60-90 days before and during the allergy season.  Make sure the honey is produced nearby so that the bees have pollinated the plants causing your allergies.  Check out our local raw honey from Oregon and Washington.

Cold symptoms such as a sore throat, cough or difficulty sleeping?  Try a tablespoon of My Local Honey.

Looking for an energy boost?  You guessed it, eat a tablespoon of My Local Honey before and after your workout.

Digestion problems?  The enzymes in My Local Honey help to activate vitamins, minerals, and the digestion of carbohydrates.

Raw Honey keeps on surprising us with its natural benefits and great taste. Have a try for yourself with My Local Honey!