Raw Honey

At My Local Honey we offer gourmet raw honey made by bees right here in Oregon and Washington. Those of you looking for local honey from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon & Washington) - we’ve got you covered! Whether you are a constant consumer of local raw honey or just a curious connoisseur of our nutritious nectar we have a size that will meet your needs.

By offering local raw honey from within your home state in Oregon or Washington, you will be supporting your local community; the beekeepers, grocers, and of course all the bees.

Jars of My Local Honey are only available at retail stores so head over to our Where To Buy page and find the location nearest you for raw honey in Oregon and Washington.  We do not sell direct to customers, but are happy to assist you in setting up a wholesale account with a distributor for purchase of 1/2 gallon or 5 gallon sizes.  This helps support the stores that support us, and we kindly ask you to do the same.